The scent of sensations - Multiactivitat a les Terres de l'Ebre

The scent of sensations - Multiactivitat a les Terres de l'Ebre

The scent of sensations - Multiactivitat a les Terres de l'Ebre

We set off from l'Ametlla de Mar, a fishing town where the food is excellent and start our day with a guided tour of the town. The town is set on a hill 20 metres above sea level so it's like being on a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean when you're there. It has 28 creeks on its coastline and the largest red-tuna fishing fleet in the Mediterranean is based there. It is located at the heart of the “Mar de la Frau” in the Gulf of Sant Jordi where there are many shipwrecks, However, there is one in particular, the “Cavour”, whose story is out of this world. After the tour of l'Ametlla, you will cross the Boix-Cardo mountains to the old spa of Cardo and find out about old trades such as producers of tree bark used as fuel, charcol makers, spooners, arborists etc. The scenery is both spectacular and unique to the area and you will continue your trip to Xerta where “l'assut” is. This emblematic lock dates from Moorish times and it is where the two canals that follow the River Ebro to its mouth are located.

You will have lunch in a restaurant in the area.

In the afternoon you will have a walk round the capital of Baix Ebre, Tortosa and finish your day trip driving along the old “carrova” road to Amposta.

Time: Approximately 8 hours.

The price of the day trip includes: A local guide “Josep el Madrinet”, all of the visits on the intinerary, lunch in a restaurant (water, wine and coffee included) and a personalised dossier including recipes of local dishes and the opportunity to try some regional food.

TIMETABLE: Times to be confirmed

CALENDAR: All year

PRICE: 25 € (lunch not included)

Includes: local guide"Josep de Madrinet", private transport, entrance tickets to the places mentioned, typical food to try and dossier with information about the area.