Open Water PADI Diving Course - Ametlla Diving

Open Water PADI Diving Course - Ametlla Diving

Open Water PADI Diving Course - Ametlla Diving
Open Water PADI Diving Course - Ametlla Diving
Open Water PADI Diving Course - Ametlla Diving
Open Water PADI Diving Course - Ametlla Diving

Your first dive isn't a disposable activity. It should be and is a unique experience. The first time you use diving equipment, that you are surrounded by water... and you keep breathing! That you see fish in the same dimension as yours... everything changes into an experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives... That's why we regard the first time you go diving as the beginning of our diving courses. To be able to dive for the first time PADI international rules have to be obeyed. That is: Attend one theory class before the immersion One sea immersion from the beach.

The DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) programme consists of a 30 minute immersion in shallow water during which you are accompanied by a PADI instructor at all times. The instructor will make sure you have an enjoyable, fun and safe dive.. You will discover new sensations such as ingravity, the ability to breathe underwater and being able to admire the beauty of the underwater fauna surrounding you during this first dive.

The first immersion lasts about 2 hours and costs 50€ per person. This price includes the use of the equipment, insurance, the immersion, the instructor.

The weather permitting, we hold these courses every day at 9 a.m., 12 a.m., and 4 p.m.

This course is valid if, within a month, you want to take a beginners OWD (Open Water Diver) courserun by PADI after which you will be qualified to dive up to a depth of 18 metres anywhere in the world.

Your first dive (DSD) is usually from the beach as this has been found to be more gratifying for new divers.

If you decide to have a go at diving, you only have to contact me a day or two before to give me your details so that I can get your diving equipment ready.. Height, weight and shoe size.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

The Open Water Diver PADI course is the first step, level and objective anyone who would like to learn the theory and practical aspects of diving should take. It makes diving an easy, safe and enjoyable activity. It is the highest level of diving courses available on the market.

It is a basic course that introduces you to the world of diving It starts from zero for people who have never even tried on a diving mask, in an easy and enjoyable way. At the moment there are two ways of taking your PADI Open Water Course: Open Water e learning or Touch. (Theory online and attending practical classes) Traditional Open Water (attending both the theory and the practical classes).

The aim of an Open Water PADI course, which means open water diver is to teach a diver everything he/she needs to know to be safe and sound in water.

  • 1st Safe Waters (swimming pool or a creek with calm water). It is here where you learn a series of practical exercises and be given an explication about your diving equipment, how to set it up and take it apart, under-water signals and safety rules.You will be able to ask any questions that may arise and will be given didactic material.
  • 2nd Open Waters. These are 4 immersions both from the beach and a diving boat (8 m long , 200hp Yamaha engine) where you will repeat the exercises you learnt in safe waters at the same time as you discover the underwater world. You will be accompanied by a qualified PADI instructor at all times.
  • 3rd Theory and exam.(dont worry), It's easy. You only have to learn the basic concepts of safety and clarify any doubts you may have,

After passing the exam, the candidate is given a certificate and receives a provisional card, which is valid for 90 days, by email. This is more than enough time for the valid card to reach you by post (usually 2 to 3 weeks). This certificate is valid worldwide for diving to a depth of 18 metres. It is valid for your lifetime and you can also rent diving equipment if you have it.

Weather permitting we start courses every day. You only have to contact us a few days before you are interested in taking the course to arrange on which day and at what time. You also have to give us your details to be able to take out an insurance and prepare your diving equipment. - First name, Surnames, Date and Place of Birth and a telephone number. (This is for the insurance). - To prepare the equipment: height, weight and shoe size.

The course costs 340€ and includes the use of the diving equipment, a diving insurance, the diploma, the immersions etc. You only have to bring a passport/identity card sized photograph with you and if you don't remember, don't worry, we'll take one! Just come ready to have a fantastic time.

The course lasts 3 or 4 days and can be taken during the week, at weekends or on alternate days, whenever it suits you.

ISO equivalence . ISO 24801-2


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